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“The whole experience was wonderful and to be frank I did not expect Mombasa to be the way it was just great .”

--- F.Hobbert - South Africa ---

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About Us
For more than 14 years of arranging Holidays in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana and Zanzibar (Lilac Adventures Limited - Owner Managed), we have made a firm commitment towards Eco-Tourism and deliberately created something different from other investors in the industry. We know what elements make up an enjoyable, memorable holiday and know how to bring these to you. We assist you in selecting a suitable safari to match your holiday needs and expectations, providing you with detailed information and our professional assistance will follow you throughout your holiday. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating the safari adventures and tours that has earned us a lot of respect in the industry. Choosing a safari is as important as choosing who you wish to trust with your holiday of the lifetime and in recognizing this we always have you have a say in designing your own itinerary and as the experts, we advice you on the best way to meet your expectations.

Our safaris & tours reflect the deep concern we share with others within the world-wide community who realise we all have a deep and vital responsibility in maintaining and, where possible, actually improving the environment in which we live. At Lilac Adventures Limited we have designed a selection of tours by road and air, featuring all the major game parks and reserves throughout the region. With a wide selection of tours operating throughout the week, it is easy for you to plan a Safari according to your preference and time available.
On Tailor-made safaris; the choice is yours, from the familiar National Parks and Reserves to the more obscure and undiscovered wilderness areas. We ensure that all your expectations are fulfilled and that each safari leaves a special memory and a lasting impression.

Safari Briefings
Our dedicated Client Service Representatives meet each and every arriving guest at all International airports, local Airport and Airstrips to facilitate seamless arrival and departure formalities as well as to ensure that your onward flight reservations are in order. He also ensures you are well briefed on your holiday and make sure all your needs and concerns are addressed in advance during the safari.

Our Safari Drivers/Guides
The success of any safari depends on how efficient the guide is. In this respect the greatest care is taken in selecting responsible, qualified people who are capable of providing a cheerful, caring and attentive service to our clients. All our safari driver guides are qualified and have extensive knowledge on wildlife and parks in all countries.
Our extensive fleet consist of custom-built, specially modified 7 seat safari micro buses and custom- built for wheel drive safari Land Cruiser and Land Rovers which we use for all safaris and have your preference on the kind of vehicle you want to use THOUGH we highly recommend 4x4 vehicles on all safaris. All safari vehicles have sliding widows, roof hatches and high ground clearance to optimize all around visibility for game viewing and photography.
Each vehicle is equipped with an HF radio set, giving round-the-clock communication with our main office.

Conference & Meetings
Over the years we have acquired a reputation as the most comprehensive resource for Conference & Meeting handling in Kenya and Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana and Zanzibar.