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“The whole experience was wonderful and to be frank I did not expect Mombasa to be the way it was just great .”

--- F.Hobbert - South Africa ---

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ABERDARE NATIONAL PARKThe foothill of the Aberdare National Park is covered with huge trees, which, the higher you go; gradually give way to Bamboo forests. From about 3,000 meters upwards the landscape consists primarily of alpine moorland. Still higher is an area of grassland with, from time to time, giant lobelias presenting an attractive contrast. The rich vegetation of this park is blessed with crystal clear streams, waterfalls and lakes teeming with fish. This means an ideal habitat for a wide variety of mammals and birds, although the wild life here is still very shy, and the lodges often have to put out salt licks to attract the animals. With a bit of luck it is possible to see the “BIG FIVE” whereas it may be somewhat more difficult to sight the local black varieties of Leopards and Servals. Aberdare National Park covers an area of approximately 765.7 Sq. Kms and is the highest game park in the world and boasts of having two very spectacular waterfalls; Karura, dropping 894 ft in three stages. Especially near the water there are fantastic growth of moss and giant vegetation peculiar to the East African Mountains. Grounsel and Lobelias, small plants in Europe, reach 15 ft high here. In good weather the park road leads to superb views of the Rift Valley as it descends on the other side of the Aberdares to the Kinangop Plateau and Naivasha. Aberdare National Park is 17 Kms from Nyeri town which is about 2hrs drive from Nairobi.
The wildlife in the Park are mostly shy like the Bongo. There are Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, Eland, Waterbuck, Reedbuck, Colobus monkey, several Cats, Mountain Buzzard, Crowned Hawk Eagle, Malacite sunbirds, Abyssinian long eared owl and Jackson's Francolin. Citings of Black Leopard have been reported in the past. There are a few Lions and Hyenas too. Accommodation is available at Mountain Lodge, the magnificent Mount Kenya Safari Club, the beautiful Naro Moru River Lodge, The Ark and the famous TreeTops.  Another particularly exciting attraction at Aberdare is the Dedan Kimathi post office, a giant tree where the Mau would leave messages for Kimathi's attention. The Queen's Caves which, due to their coolness, were used by the Mau to preserve their meat are another must see.